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MISI University joins ICDL Asia as the newest ATC in Malaysia

ICDL Asia is delighted to welcome the Malaysia Institute of Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) University to join us as our newest Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Selangor, Malaysia! MISI University was launched as a joint initiative between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the government of Malaysia in 2011. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s …

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Case Study: Yayasan TM Malaysia

Nurturing Future-Ready Leaders for a Digital Malaysia In April 2021, Yayasan TM (YTM) identified ICDL as its key digital skills certification programme to spearhead a new education initiative that equips YTM scholars with digital skills of the future economy. To date, more than 175 YTM’s scholars in Malaysia have benefitted from this ICDL programme in …

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ICDL Asia welcomes PICOMS International University College as our newest ATC in Malaysia

We are pleased to welcome PICOMS International University College to join ICDL Asia as the 17th ICDL Accredited Test Center (ATC) in Malaysia!  PICOMS International University College was first established in 1998 as a nursing college and it is currently offering allied health and management programmes to students in Malaysia and abroad. Formerly known as Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences, PICOMS is a subsidiary …

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Growing demand for ICDL 3D Design in Malaysia

With an increasing demand for 3D modelling and printing, we are glad to partner with IEG Campus to pilot the ICDL Professional 3D Design module in Malaysia. IEG Campus is the first ICDL accredited test centre focused on the 3D Design module in Malaysia.  This module covers the main concepts and skills needed to create three-dimensional drawings using computer-aided design (CAD). After completing …

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Understanding the Importance of Emerging Technologies: ICDL Insights Programme Officially Launched in Asia

ICDL Asia officially launched ICDL Insights on 5 May 2021, a series of programmes focused on helping business managers to understand trending and emerging technologies. The first four modules of ICDL Insights programme: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are announced as the latest additions to our wide range of digital …

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ICDL Empowers Malaysian Working Professionals to Update Their Skills

Four ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) have received approval from the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) in Malaysia to offer ICDL programmes for working professionals especially those affected by accidents at work and pandemic. The four ATCs are: Digital Marketing Consultancy IEG Academy Sunway College Kuching Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Starting December 2020, ICDL through its …


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