Digital technology is continually evolving. ICDL Professional certifies essential skills for careers in sectors like finance and management, marketing and communications, and design.

With more technology in professional roles, digital skills are now an essential pre-requisite for many occupations.

Work at all levels is being transformed by technology. This is especially true for many highly-skilled professions. In many cases, this shift will see the creation of new categories of work, and the closer integration of computers in existing roles.

ICDL Professional modules

ICDL Professional is made up of groups of modules that are tailored for different sectors, covering the core skills that will only become more important over time.

Each module is supported by training materials that cover the syllabus content in a way that is easy to relate to day-to-day tasks and responsibilities within a particular sector.

Modules can be mixed and matched from different sectors to create a unique ICDL Profile. For example, someone working in marketing might take Digital Marketing, Advanced Word Processing, Advanced Presentation, and Image Editing.

“Estimates indicate that 75 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in the
division of labour between humans and machines, while 133 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms”

—Future of Jobs Report, 2018 World Economic Forum

“Particularly in the highest-paid occupations, machines can augment human capabilities to a high degree, and amplify the value of expertise by increasing an individual’s work capacity and freeing the employee to focus on work of higher value.”

—’Four fundamentals of workplace automation’, McKinsey Global Institute

Continuing Professional Development

Certification is the best way to prove acquisition of digital skills. ICDL modules are created with input from subject-matter experts from around the world. Combined with strong quality assurance, this makes ICDL a good choice for building and certifying digital skills as part of Continuing Professional Development programmes.

ICDL is used by the accountants association, ACCA, in Singapore, and is recognised under the French National Register of Professional Qualifications.

How is automation changing jobs?

Many newspaper headlines have claimed that technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will destroy jobs.

Research by the OECD, McKinsey Global Institute, and Oxford Internet Institute all shows that there is more likely to be a displacement of work in low- and middle-skilled jobs that are highly routine.

High-skilled  professional work, which is often less routine, will instead benefit from augmentation by technology.

That makes specialised digital skills even more important for professionals.


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